The uniqueness of the Muddy Volcanoes make them stand out in the Romanian landscape. They are barely known to tourists, yet the few who discover them, instantly fall in love and return every time they wish to relax and explore the area to discover its beauty.


The Muddy Volcanoes zone, unique in Romania and Europe from geographic, geologic and botanic perspectives, has an important touristic potential with natural and antropic resources, and, thus, it offers ideal conditions for an entreprising tourism initiative. The Muddy Volcanoes were overlooked in the past years and that led to considerable losses and deterioriations of existant objectives and the lack of recognition for potential tourism activities. Through an appropriate promotion plan and implementation, the Muddy Land brand will contribute in the future to the relaunching of successful tourism in the area.


The scope of communication follow the creation of the brand’s notoriety and the presentation of the advatages of the product. In addition, the objectives’ range include the establishment of a better position for the muddy land(for the company?, you should mention that) in the hierarchy of the tourism industry and the achievement of a faithfull client base in both internal and external markets.


Main objectives:

  • Promotion of the Muddy Land brand, the Muddy Volcanoes and the Buzau area and its traditions
  • Implementation of measures to protect the environment and develop a strong and succesful management (team or initiative?)
  • Development of camping areas, grocery stores, over-night accomodations and entertainment units
  • Improvement and development of general and tourism oriented infrastructure
  • Adopt occidental methods to deliver high quality services and provide competitive services in the national and international markets
  • Create diversifed tourism opportunities that would increase the volume of new and already existing tourists and tourism-focused activities and traffic


These measures must have as focus the protection of the environment on all levels so that future generations will access The Muddy Vulcanoes in maximum quality conditions and experience the exciting, relaxing and friendly atmosphere it has to offer.