The muddy volcanoes and also the area nearby represents an important tourist area especially for the natural resources that do not have a direct competition. That is why the growth of tourism should be look at rigorously so that the assets are well kept for the next generation.


The Muddy Volcanoes Brand from Buzau are one of the most appreciated touristic Romanian brands known for its traditions and oneness. Children learn about this at school from the geography books : where can you find them, what are they, and what is this phenomenon. The intention of visiting this selenian place is formed from childhood and remains a national touristic objective for the majority of the Romanian people. In this category of natural phenomenon we include: the Sphinx, the Old Ladies, and the Crest called The Man also some lacks, waterfalls, passages. The muddy volcanoes have been lately visited by film studio producers, a large number of productions of movies and clips were filmed in this area.


The favorable climate makes the tourism practicable all year long and the absence of pollution around here makes water, air, sonorous but also the soil a perfect environment for an original frame.


The traditions and the customs of an area are its cultural heritage We also have to remind you about the culinary traditions of Buzau: the best example are the Plescoi sausages, a delight that makes you think long about them after tasting.