Muddy Land Travel comes with a new service on a crowded travel market filled with offers that may seem wonderful at a glance, but are actually a nightmare once you have reached your destination. Being tricked myself by the kindness and false sincerity of travel agents I have decided to create this trip planning service.

What does trip planning mean?

The customer chooses the destination or comes with the idea to spend his vacation in a warm, or maybe in a cold place or maybe just visit and go shopping. He chooses his own budget and provides us with a few guidelines that will help in the development of the travel package. We will search for the best rates on the plane tickets and present you the best periods to fly depending on the offers provided by the flight operators. After a thorough search in the most used international search engines we shall find and present you the best accommodation offers depending on the stars, area and reviews provided by other guests. People enrolled in this program are different as nationality, social class and age. We can also offer a vacation plan: What can I visit? Where can I do shopping? Where can I eat? Where can I go out at night? What events are there in the period of my trip?

What should I pay for a trip planning service?

You will have to pay the plane ticket or other means of transport chosen. Hotel booking is done through our credit card guarantee. In advance you have to leave the fee only for the first night accommodation. On return home, under contract we will pay back this value. Payment of first night accommodation is our guarantee that you arrive at the hotel. In case you change your mind and you do not want to keep the reservation, cancellation can be made 1 day before the arrival. Cancellation of the plane ticket will be under other conditions depending on the flight offer. At your arrival to the hotel you pay for the whole stay. Trip planning service is charged a rate of 5% to 10% of the total package. The percentage will decide a date with customer requirements.

What is the benefit of the trip planning service?

  • I'm sure of the chosen quality.
  • Good prices, without excessive fees.
  • Don’t waist time looking for the best offer, we’ll do that for you.
  • You’ll pay in advance just the plane ticket and the first night of accommodation , which will be refunded to you when you get back.
  • You can cancel your reservation with no penalties charged.

Who can use the trip planning service?

This service is for everyone to benefit, no matter the purpose of the trip: business or pleasure.